About us

Kynoweb was founded in 2012 by Ernst von Scheven and Ron Baltus. Two passionated photographers with a solid photographical knowledge and a vision for the future.

Passion for photography and IT has made it possible to develop a high speed workflow through the years, always aware of the latest technology and applying it in our workflow to provide top notch service.

Capture the most amazing moments in the dog scene and deliver instantly to the users because of the demand for fast delivery and sharing through social networks.

Always optimising our workflow with the latest techniques and work with the latest professional equipment to meet our goals * high quality photos * fast delivery by email and direct print * live posting on social media to provide a real time experience online.

Since 2014 we started to work with a dynamic crew of young professionals, handlers, junior and senior photographers to react on the growing number of partners and applications for our services.

At the beginning of 2016 Ron Baltus chose to reduce the activities involved with Kynoweb and Ernst von Scheven continued with the crew. Ron joins our team on a regular basis for show impression and dog sports photography.

We are proud to supply our services to the Dutch Kennel Club, Ukranian Kennel Union (UKU), Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (VDH), Our Dogs, Onlinedogshows and a variety of sponsors working in The Netherlands and surrounding countries.

We supplied our full package, impression, results and fully equiped studio’s for all BOB’s and group placements for EDS Kyiv 2017, WDS Leipzig 2017 and soon to come WDS Amsterdam 2018.

Enjoy our website, the photos will speak for themselves and show the diversity of the work we deliver. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or requests.



Since 2012 we supply the official photography for the Dutch Kennel Club at most of the official dog sports and dog shows in the Netherlands.

At these events Best of Breed’s receives a free (low resolution) photo sponsored by the main sponsor but everyone who wishes to have a beautiful photo taken is welcome in our mobile studio.

We cover photography of all the group placements and other classes around the main ring and supply a real time feed on social media.

Our studio pictures will be e-mailed immediately after they have been taken at the show or can be purchased directly from our studio or webshop shortly after the event.

We also offer the concept of a free studio which generates a lot of exposure for our clients and a nice souvenir picture for the visitors.

We can design custom backdrops to create a unique picture for every event.


Our crew takes photos in a studio setting. We try to achieve a positive experience for both the dog and the handler, and we aim to take the best photo within a few shots to maintain an optimal experience for the dog, we care about dogs and always keep eye on welfare of them.

We select the best photo which we can send by e-mail in low or high resolution. Besides direct emailing we offer 30×30 cm prints, which are processed within a few minutes.

Ringside pics are taken by our professionals. These impressions can be posted online within a few minutes. We do not only post pictures to our own Kynoweb Facebook page, we also provide live-feeds for the committees at major events to get their event broadcasted by pictures, comparable with live streaming but pictures remain populair for a longer period and are tagged which results in a wider and long lasting exposure.

All pictures will be available in our online webshop and photos from earlier events can also be found there.

Launching a high quality and affordable


Over the past few years we supplied photography for the committees of WDS 2016 (impression for social media), EDS 2016 (the live online results in cooperation with Onlinedogshows) and we supplied our full package, impression, results and fully equiped studio’s for all BOB’s and group placements for EDS Kyiv 2017, WDS Leipzig 2017 and soon to come WDS Amsterdam 2018.

An amazing result and we are proud that these committees have seen our quality and given us their trust in what we do best!

An impression of our ringside photography. These type of pictures can be used to provide live-feeds via social media.

We cover almost all cynological events in the Netherlands that are organized by the Dutch Kennel Club.

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